Marks Pens “Suicide Squad” Film

Justin Marks (“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li,” “Greyskull”) will adapt the DC Comics property “Suicide Squad” as a feature film for Warner Bros. Pictures and Lin Pictures says the trades.

Originally a back-up feature in 1960s “The Brave and the Bold,” the stories focused on a team of non-super-powered people fighting monstrous menaces.

The Squad was reconceived in the 1980s as a team of supervillains given one last shot at redemption by the government by accomplishing missions that will most likely kill them. This is the setup that Warners will work from.

The villains involved have yet to be determined though Deadshot, an assassin with wrist-mounted guns, is a strong candidate.

Marks’ hiring is not unusual for such a project as he came to notice amongst studio execs for the Green Arrow prison movie “Supermax” which featured many famous comic book villains.