Mark Strong Leads “Battlefield V” Campaign

Mark Strong Leads Battlefield V Campaign

Activision has released the first trailer for the single-player campaign element of “Battlefield V,” their upcoming military shooter title which tells the “untold stories of World War 2”.

Like last year’s “Battlefield 1,” this delivers a set of single-player stories akin to four episodes of an anthology TV series as opposed to one extra long film with one story. One of the people involved is British acting legend Mark Strong who can be seen below swearing like a sailor in a new featurette.

Episodes wise there’s ‘Nordlys’ about a female resistance fighter in Norway 1943, ‘Under No Flag’ in which you play a young British criminal blowing up German air bases in North Africa, ‘Tirailleur’ in which Senegalese units fight to liberate a France they’ve never seen, and ‘The Last Tiger which follows the crew of a German heavy tank called a Tiger I.

“Battlefield V” hits the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on November 20th.