Mark Romanek Departs Disney’s “Cinderella”

Five years ago, filmmaker Mark Romanek (“Never Let Me Go,” “One Hour Photo”) dropped out of directing Universal’s “The Wolfman” reboot due to creative differences.

This week, he’s done the same with Disney’s upcoming revisionist take on the “Cinderella” fairy tale which has Cate Blanchett attached to star.

Romanek and the studio reportedly “have differing views on how to tell the story.” As you can guess, Romanek’s version was a darker vision than what the studio wanted.

The same thing happened with “The Wolfman,” and Romanek ended up looking like the smart one for abandoning what ended up being a critical and commercial failure.

Chris Weitz and Aline Brosh McKenna have delivered their script for “Cinderella” and Disney tested several actresses for the title role late last year.

The Mouse House has already begun the search for a new director to keep the film on track to get into production by the summer. Simon Kinberg remains onboard as producer.

Source: Deadline