Mark Hamill To Direct “The Black Pearl”

Actor Mark Hamill is set to direct a film adaptation of his 1996 Dark Horse comic mini-series “The Black Pearl” reports The Wrap.

The comic dealt with Luther Drake, a troubled man turned costumed vigilante “hero” through accident and media pressure. The setting of this dark comedy/drama is very much the real world.

Hamill says his two co-writers also penned a “David O. Russell film for Paramount”, he’s likely referring to Paul Attanasio and Lewis Colick who penned the upcoming Christian Bale/Mark Wahlberg-led “The Fighter”.

Hamill also added that though he was offered $30 million to make it, he’s keeping the budget in the $5-7 million range as it allows him to direct it and doesn’t have to line-up foreign sales before filming begins – thus giving him much more creative control.