Mark Hamill Talks “Star Wars” Secrecy

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 just got underway today with Mark Hamill taking to the stage for the first major presentation.

The one hour question and answer session kicked off with Hamill admitting upfront that due to contractual obligations he could not talk about “Star Wars Episode VIII” or the future of the “Star Wars” films.

He could, however, talk openly about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and says the secrecy on set of that film and the new one is insane:

“It can be annoying and intrusive. You get the call sheets and there are no names – only numbers! I really loved number eleven’s work on their previous film… It can get out of control with the pages that get shredded. I need a script you can write on and take home and read. They let me have one scene and I keep it on my person… They’re not doing it to annoy you, they just want the surprise to be in the movie theater, not the internet. It’s for your viewing pleasure that we do this.”

He also confirmed the early rumors from years ago that the opening scene of ‘Force Awakens’ was originally his disembodied hand holding a lightsaber floating through space towards Jakku: “I would have been in the first scene and the last scene.”

As for right now though, he revealed that yesterday he was in a studio with Rian Johnson looping dialogue for ” Star Wars Episode VIII” and says he already has a few catchphrases that will wind up on t-shirts.

“Star Wars Episode VIII” will open on December 15th 2017.

Source: Variety