Mark Hamill Not Done Playing The Joker

Mark Hamill has revealed that the upcoming “Batman: The Killing Joke” will not be the last time he tackles the role of The Joker, a part he has been providing the voice for in various incarnations since the early 1990s.

Arguably his most famous role outside that of Luke Skywalker, the actor has pulled out of the role in recent DC animated movies, though he has made a return for ‘The Killing Joke’ adaptation which scores a limited release next week. Earlier today a fan asked him if the new film will be the last time he’ll do the Joker, Hamill simply and assuringly replied “no” on his Twitter account.

“Batman: The Killing Joke” is adapting one of the most famous and well-regarded graphic novels of all-time. Alan Moore penned the original one-shot which finally provides a something an origin story for The Joker and contained story elements that still impact the DC Comics universe today.

Hamill has also confirmed that he’s finished filming his scenes for “Star Wars: Episode VIII” which just had a wrap party featuring dancing Stormtroopers. Hamill posted video of the group which you can see below: