Mark Frost On “Twin Peaks” Revival

Following yesterday’s announcement of Showtime’s revival of classic early 1990s mystery drama series “Twin Peaks,” the show’s co-creator Mark Frost spoke with The Live Feed about what can be confirmed about the proposed new batch of nine episodes which are slated to air in 2016.

Frost says he will co-write each of the nine installments with director David Lynch with production to begin next year. The project came to life three years ago when the pair wanted to get back into that world, and it has matured since then. Showtime, where it ended up, was the first place they spoke with.

Netflix was never considered an option, and Frost isn’t a fan of binge viewing: “I know there’s been this whole emphasis on binge watching – and a lot of people have done that to our show – but I think when you’re unveiling hours, there’s something to be said for spacing it out. Give people a chapter at a time, instead of the whole book”

Asked about the nine-episode length he says: “The show should be no longer than the amount of time you need to tell it, and that’s just the number that we came up with. What we wanted to do fits into this number of hours. It was not a hard decision.”

He expects discussions will begin with cast members in coming weeks. He also says he and Lycnh have a “very clear sense” of the balance of ties to the old show along with new material will be incorporated into this.

Finally, will this be a limited series, or the start of something more? “Well, I think we’re very happy to tell the story that’s in front of us. We’ve also reckoned anything is possible. We’re remaining open to all possibilities to see where it leads us.”