Marcus Nispel Into “Conception,” “Pod”

Director Marcus Nispel, best known for helming the horror remakes “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the upcoming “Friday the 13th”, already has two further projects in mind.

Talking with STYD, the first is the cloning thriller “Immaculate Conception”. The story? “A girl gets pregnant, doesn’t know why. You find out that she’s part of an experiment. A splinter group of the church found a rusty old nail in the hills of Golgotha and they’ve harvested the DNA they believe is from Jesus Christ.”

He adds that the tone is much more thriller than horror – “You think it goes like Rosemary’s Baby but it’s not a horror movie. It’s like ‘Marathon Man’ or ‘Coma'”.

As for the second? Well it sounds similar to the Preston/Child novel “Reliquary”. Entitled “Pod”, it explores the seven sub-levels under Manhattan. Nispel says that “When they dig deep they find something they shouldn’t have.”