March Dark Knight Updates

The Harvey Dent portion of “The Dark Knight” viral campaign has started up with promise of an update at in the next few days.

“The Batman”, the most recent and least interesting incarnation of all the animated Batman series, has been officially cancelled according to World’s Finest. The two remaining episodes left of the series fifth season will air March 8th.

The site also reports that Kevin Conroy, the actor who voiced Batman in the original “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Justice League” shows, will return to voice the role in the upcoming direct-to-video anime anthology “Batman: Gotham Knight” hitting DVD & Blu-ray on July 8th. New shots from that are up at KungFu Cinema.

Finally, LEGO is cashing in on the Summer’s two biggest films this year with Lego games based on the “Indiana Jones” and “Batman” properties.