Marc Forster Helms “Chancellor Manuscript”

Marc Forster is going from one great spy literature author to another with the Swiss director now set to helm the long-gestating film adaptation of “The Chancellor Manuscript” reports Variety.

Based on the 1977 novel by ‘Bourne Identity’ author Robert Ludlum, the setup involves a clandestine group of intellectuals called Inver Brass who assassinate FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover when they learn he intends to hold scandal ridden private files over the heads of the thousand most influential people in the country.

Not all the dossiers are recovered however, so they enlist the unwitting help of best-selling political thriller author Peter Chancellor to investigate the existence of the remaining dossiers which are in the hands of a blackmailer.

Peter O’Brien, whose spy thriller “Unlocked” made the 2008 Blacklist, has been hired to adapt.