Mara, Craig May Return For “Spider’s Web”

Though David Fincher is almost certainly not coming back, it seems the stars of his earlier film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” might return for the follow-up.

As we know, Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin are returning to produce the project and Sony Pictures is jumping ahead of the second and third book in the series.

Instead, they are opting to adapt David Lagercrantz’s recently released fourth novel “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” into a new film. Should that film prove successful, the studio would then go back and adapt the second and third books which are interconnected.

Casting remains unclear at this point and no-one is commenting. Sony definitely wants to make this for cheaper than the $90 million Fincher spent adaptating ‘Tattoo’, most likely around the $60 million mark which would allow them to keep the tone dark, violent and R-rated. Understandably it has been assumed that the film would serve as a mini-reboot with new and cheaper actors in the lead roles.

Yet Mara revealed last week that no-one has told her she’s not returning and she has expressed a desire to do so. Now, EW reports that the possibility of Daniel Craig coming back is possible as well according to their sources. Reps for both stars would not comment.

A production timetable for the new ‘Girl’ has yet to be set, though it is said to be moving fast.