Map Reveals “Jurassic World” Resort Details

Photos reportedly snapped on the Hawaiian set of “Jurassic World” appears to have revealed some of the potential locations we might see in the upcoming fourth film. has posted the massive map of the fictional Isla Nublar, a place we haven’t seen on screen since the original 1993 “Jurassic Park,” points out some of the new features that have popped up on the island since it became a massive tourist resort and dinosaur theme park.

Most of the resort is built around a massive lagoon right in the middle of the island complete with boardwalk, amphitheaters, a water park, a petting zoo, a gyrosphere, an egg spinner (probably a ride), scheduled feeding events and a monorail system.

There’s also an aviary, an underwater observatory, botanical gardens, a gondola lift, a golf course, a bamboo forest and river cruises.