Many Kurosawa Classics Could Get Remade

How does one respect a man considered one of the greatest filmmakers to have ever lived? You exploit him of course.

Variety reports that L.A.-based Splendent Media have signed a deal to represent worldwide rights to 69 projects from the late legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

The company’s top brass Sakiko Yamada says “We are thrilled and deeply honored to have been entrusted to represent this spectacular treasure trove of films and screenplays, and to help contemporary filmmakers introduce a new generation of moviegoers to these unforgettable stories”.

The notable upside of the deal is that we could see film adaptations of up to nineteen screenplays penned by Kurosawa that were never produced. The concern however is the production of questionable remakes of the other fifty properties including twenty-six directed by the man himself.

The list includes some films considered amongst the greatest of all time including the likes of “Rashomon,” “Ran,” “Yojimbo,” “Throne of Blood,” “The Hidden Fortress,” “Dersu Uzala” and “Kagemusha”.

Notably though the deal does NOT include the four films already in development elsewhere – “Drunken Angel,” “Ikiru,” “High and Low” and his magnum opus “Seven Samurai”. You can find the full list of the films they have scored the rights to at Splendent Media.