Mann’s “Blackhat” Gets A Director’s Cut

Opening a year ago to dismal reviews and a painfully bad $19 million worldwide gross from a $70 million budget, Michael Mann’s cybercrime thriller “Blackhat” has been essentially forgotten about – mostly discussed as a footnote more than anything despite not being quite as bad as has been suggested.

Might the reaction change next week? The Playlist reports that a new director’s cut version of the film is scheduled to premiere at the BAM Rose Cinema in Brooklyn on February 10th as part of a retrospective entitled “Heat & Vice: The Films of Michael Mann”.

The site indicates the director’s cut screening is a one-off event for the Brooklyn Academy of Music, with no word on an eventual home video release. The new cut is unlikely to get over a big hurdle for many, the miscasting of Chris Hemsworth as a hacker and his being saddled with an unconvincing American accent.