Mann Still Planning Gangster Feature

The other day came word that filmmaker Michael Mann had started a new venture, Michael Mann Books, which would manage literary works which would then be sold on to publishers, and could also be adapted into potential films and TV series which Mann would likely produce and maybe even direct.

The first is a prequel novel to “Heat” which Mann himself is already working on, but there’s no word at all (despite some breathless news pieces earlier this week) that an adaptation of it is in development. Today, Deadline has news of the second book from the label, one which has much more of a chance of hitting the screen.

“The Power of the Dog” author Don Winslow is penning the novel which is about Chicago crime boss Tony Accardo and his successor Sam Giancana – a crime story Mann has been keen to do for years. Accardo was part of the infamous St. Valentine’s Massacre and his time as a crime boss lasted eight decades. Giancana took the mob to the next level with involvement in Las Vegas, politics, the music industry, and more.

Winslow is currently finishing up another work and will get to writing this book later in the Spring ahead of a potential 2017 release. In terms of the film adaptation, Mann will now produce and possibly direct the project which will boast a script by himself and Shane Salerno (“Savages”).

As they won’t have to wait for its publication to get to work on it, we’ll potentially see the film adaptation in 2018, Mann’s potential next project once he wraps work on his Enzo Ferarri biopic.

Mann was previously attached to an adaptation of Winslow’s novel “The Winter of Frankie Machine” which is now being developed by William Friedkin. Mann also bought a script years ago titled “Big Tuna” by Sheldon Turner about Accardo and Giancana.