Mann Developing A “Heat” Prequel Novel

Filmmaker Michael Mann has made a deal which will see him launching the Michael Mann Books imprint, a book publishing venture that will generate a series of novels with a stable of writers.

Properties will simultaneously be developed for film and television, and high on the priority list is a prequel novel dealing with the principal characters of his seminal 1995 crime thriller “Heat”.

Said book will cover the formative years of homicide detective Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino), Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro), Chris Shihirles (Val Kilmer), McCauley’s accomplice Nate (Jon Voight), and other characters. That film made plenty of references to past experiences and was based on true stories of a lot of real criminals and cops.

Conversations with publishers are expected to begin shortly. Mann continues to work on his Enzo Ferrari biopic which he wrote over a fifteen-year period based on a pivotal year in the life of the Italian sports car maker and entrepreneur.

Source: Deadline