Manhunter, Lord, Darkseid In “Justice League”?

Rumors continue to swirl about further DC superhero characters making the jump to film in either the currently shooting “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” or the “Justice League” follow-up film at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Already confirmed are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Yesterday came a rumor that both The Flash and Green Lantern would also cameo in ‘Dawn’, whilst all six plus Aquaman would show up in “Justice League”.

Today, The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider discovered an “agency grid” which revealed two open roles in the “Justice League” film – Martian Manhunter and Max Lord. He also indicates that Darkseid will be the film’s villain.

Writer/producer David S. Goyer last month indicated Martian Manhunter won’t go by that name in the film as “that’s goofy” but “he can be called Manhunter”.

Who is Max Lord? In the comics, Lord was a businessman who instrumental in forming the Justice League – his inclusion making sense.

Finally, the use of Darkseid is understandable. The character is a cruel, tyrannical alien ruler who seeks out the anti-life equation which would allow him to eliminate all free will from the universe. The character is essentially to DC what upcoming “Avengers 3” villain Thanos is to Marvel.