Man on Fire To Become A TV Series

20th Century Fox Television and New Regency are teaming up to develop projects for cable and broadcast. The first program under this pact will be a small screen version of “Man on Fire”.

“Traveler” creator and “Tron: Legacy” scribe David DiGilio his behind this new series take on the A.J. Quinnell novel which was previously adapted into a well-regarded 2004 film starring Denzel Washington and directed by the late Tony Scott.

The book and film followed a CIA operative/Marine officer-turned-bodyguard named Creasy who goes on a revenge rampage when a young girl named Pita he’s assigned to is abducted in Mexico.

The TV series serves as something of a sequel. The action is set eighteen years later as Creasy and Pita reconnect in effort to dismantle the cartel that ruined their lives.

Fox & NR are also developing small screen adaptations of the graphic novel “Cyclops” (not the X-Men character) and the book series “The Kingkiller Chronicle”. Andrew Plotkin and Brad Weston are set to executive produce all series.

Source: The Live Feed