Man of Steel Shows Off His Chest

Henry Cavill got into ridiculously good shape for “Immortals”, slimming down to 6% body fat so his entire body was extremely toned and lithe.

To play Superman in “Man of Steel” however, he took on the challenge of stacking on quite a bit of muscle but without losing that definition. Set photos from the production today show that he has succeeded.

A bearded Cavill was spotted – shirtless, rain-soaked and in torn pants shooting scenes for the film in Vancouver. We’re still not sure the context of these scenes and how they fit in the story.

One welcome change however is Cavill gets to keep his chest hair. Fans of the comic will applaud considering most of the time the character was shirtless in the comics he was drawn with chest hair.

It also demonstrates that Cavill’s suit probably doesn’t require much padding in its lining, other than for decoration and contouring.