Man of Steel Loses His Red Speedos

One notable part of the Superman costume that wasn’t shown in the first official image for “Man of Steel” was his jocks – the famous red ‘undies as outerwear’ that the character donned throughout much of the comics and all the previous Superman shows and films.

Lighting tricks involving said photo seemed to indicate that while he will don a belt, the red slip-on is gone in favour of a straightforward blue one piece outfit which the character also dons in the DC reboot beginning in September.

Today some blurry set photos have emerged confirming that this is indeed the case with Henry Cavill spotted walking around in the suit and the red panties are no longer there. I’m just waiting for the inevitable tabloid story of behind-the-scenes headaches over the shape of the crotch – something that has happened with practically every superhero film over the past decade.

The new photos also including what looks like a first glimpse at Antje Traue or her stunt double as Faora donning a black leather bodysuit and cape alongside another guy in a mo-cap suit with a long stick on his head – likely for an eyeline (Cavill is looking at the top of it in the second shot).