Man Maced At L.A. Film Fest Screening

Increasingly rude or bad behaviour from other patrons in regular film screenings is one reason people are opting to forgo cinemas. One place you would expect people to understand cinema etiquette though is at a film festival screening.

Yet, an AFI Film Festival screening of Mike Leigh’s historical drama “Mr. Turner” last night at the Chinese 6 theater in Hollywood made headlines when a female audience member maced a male audience member in the face. Why? He asked her to turn her cell phone off.

An eyewitness tells Variety that the man repeatedly told the woman to turn off her cell phone five minutes into the movie. She refused. The man then tapped her on the shoulder and asked her again. She stood up, there was a brief exchange, and then she sprayed him with the harsh chemical deterrent in the face.

The man and his girlfriend left the cinema. The woman returned to her seat and continued watching the movie. Security quietly came in and removed her from the cinema fifteen minutes later.