Maltese Falcon Statue Sold For Over $4 Million

The titular bird statue that featured in the 1941 noir classic “The Maltese Falcon” has been sold at auction for more than $4 million. Bonhams auction house offloaded the foot tall, 45 pound, black figurine for a tidy $4,085,000 on Monday.

The bird is one of two known cast lead statuettes made for John Huston’s film, but it is the only one confirmed by Warner Bros. archives as having appeared in it.

The figure has a bent right tail feather, damage incurred during filming when actress Lee Patrick dropped it while handing it to Humphrey Bogart.

The sale means the prop now ranks amongst most expensive pieces of movie and TV memorabilia ever sold at auction, double that of Judy Garland’s ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” but behind the prices paid for the 1960s Batmobile and the Aston Martin from “Goldfinger”.

Source: TIME