Malone Is A Female Robin In “Batman”?

The other month actress Jena Malone was spotted on the set of Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. At the time some speculated she had a role in the film, but that talk was dismissed and it was suggested that the actress was merely visiting Snyder who had worked with her on “Sucker Punch”.

It turns out there may have been more to it than first thought. This morning came a report from Channel 10 WILX in Michigan in which a source for them, an extra from the set who wished to remain anonymous, claims that Malone is in the film and she’s playing a female Robin.

The source for the news station also described a scene set at Lex Luthor’s house (which is actually being shot at an Art Museum on the Michigan State University campus), where the super villain gets in a physical altercation with Bruce Wayne. It gets bad enough that the military is called in to break it up.

This isn’t the first time Malone has been rumored for the part. The actress has dyed her hair red recently which would match the character of Carrie Kelley/Robin in Frank Miller’s comic classic “The Dark Knight Returns”.

Yet there’s a lot more weight being added to this one due to the source who says the character was added to the script quite late during some last minute rewrites. The source could also face a potentially hefty $5 million fine after signing a non-disclosure agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures.

Other sources have confirmed to several trade publications like THR today that Malone is in the film, but haven’t gone as far as to confirm her status as Robin just yet.

Snyder and actor Ben Affleck though have repeatedly indicated they are using many elements from Frank Miller’s work in the movie so it’s quite possible.