Malkovich Is Pot Kingpin In “Humboldt” Series

Oscar-nominated actor John Malkovich has been tapped to star in the crime drama TV series “Humboldt” from “True Detective” and “Mr. Robot” producers Sony Pictures Television and Anonymous Content.

Based on Emily Brady’s best-selling book and boasting a script by Michael A. Lerner (“Love and Mercy”), the story revolves around the Northern California community that for nearly four decades has existed primarily on the cultivation and sale of marijuana.

The author spent a year living among the town’s secretive residents and offers an intimate look at how the looming legalization impacts the community. Malkovich will star as the patriarch of the Humboldt crime family.

Malkovich, Lerner, Elliot Webb, Alissa Philips, Alex Goldstone, Jennifer Rawlings and Adam Shulman will executive produce and Carl Franklin is set to direct. Malkovich’s last TV series regular role was as Blackbeard in “Luther” creator Neil Cross’ shortlived NBC drama “Crossbones”.

Source: The Live Feed