Malick’s “Time” Gets Ultra Widescreen Re-Release

Terrence Malick is going experimental with the upcoming re-release of his documentary short “Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience”.

Originally premiering on 15 IMAX screens back in October, the re-release will switch out the original film for a new ‘Ultra Widescreen’ version which will be available on 21 screens.

Presented at an unheard of aspect ratio of 3.6:1, the film also does away with the often criticised Brad Pitt narration – instead opting for only music and sound effects to accompany the stunning visuals, something Malick had hoped to do from the beginning.

In order to get that wide ratio, the film was scanned in at an ultra-dense 11K resolution, then the team would pluck certain shots out in the 3.6:1 ratio. Reportedly that worked for the majority of shots in the film.

The new version, dubbed “Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience in Ultra Widescreen 3.6,” will play at all-new locations.

Source: Variety