Malick’s “Hidden” & Eggers’ “Lighthouse” Teased

Malicks Hidden Eggers Lighthouse Teased

The 2019 Cannes Film Festival gets underway in a few days and three of the most high profile titles screening on the Croisette have been teased by those involved.

First, “The Witch” director Robert Eggers returns with his second film “The Lighthouse” which premieres as part of the Directors Fortnight section ahead of A24 opening the film States-side later this year. Willem Dafoe plays an ageing lighthouse keeper who finds his solace shaken by the arrival of a younger man (Robert Pattinson).

Though many have dubbed it a ghost story or a horror film, Dafoe says it’s something more than that. He tells Indiewire:

“It was very, very tough physically, but that was kind of the point. It’s less ‘Friday the 13th’ and more Tarkovsky. With genre movies, you can use a very beautiful cinematic language and still make a movie that appeals to a wide audience, because you give them something to hang onto, and they’re willing to receive this unfamiliar language without rejecting it.”

Meanwhile, filmmaker Terrence Malick is going back to his more old school style with his upcoming feature “A Hidden Life” (formerly “Radegund”) with five new photos from the film released. Malick, whose more recent works have mostly been mood pieces that are heavily improvised, has stepped back from that approach and with the new film he is “working with a much tighter script” and a much more structured narrative. Even so, it still clocks in at three hours.

The story follows real-life Austrian Franz Jagerstatter, a conscientious objector, who refused to fight for the Third Reich in World War II and was executed by them in 1943. He was later declared a martyr and beatified by the Catholic Church. August Diehl (“Inglourious Basterds”), Valerie Pachner, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ulrich Matthes, Maria Simon and the late Michael Nyqvist and Bruno Ganz star.

The film will have its world premiere in competition at Cannes next week.