Malcomson, Gish, Lee Get “Grass Stains”

Paula Malcomson (“Ray Donovan”), Annabeth Gish (“The Bridge”), Ryan Lee (“Super 8”) and Bill Sage have joined the cast of Kyle Wilamowski’s indie coming-of-age drama “Grass Stains” at Haven Entertainment, Deckplate Films and Painstaking Pictures.

Tye Sheridan plays a teen discovering his first love (Kaitlyn Dever). When a prank goes awry and causes the death of his girlfriend’s older brother, the boy must balance his secret guilt with his feelings for the girl.

Malcomson will play Sheridan’s mother, while Gish and Sage play Dever’s parents. Lee plays a member of Sheridan’s inner circle of friends who participates in the prank. Austin Abrams and Beau Mirchoff also star.

Matt Perniciaro, Kevin Mann, Rachel Miller, Steve Olivera and Michael Sherman are producing. Shooting is underway in North Carolina

Source: THR