Make Your Own Version Of Nines

During Sundance, John August revealed a surprisingly ambitious plan for his directorial debut “The Nines” that will co-incide with the DVD release – a release of all the raw footage from the film that amateur filmmakers could pop into their Avid or Final Cut system and re-edit into their own versions.

The ‘Nines’ is an ensemble drama about a troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways.

Now, with an official trailer not yet selected but nearing readiness for delivery, August revealed on his official blog that plans are to let people submit their own versions:

“After seeing vastly different approaches-comedy to thriller to existential drama-it became clear that no matter what the tone, there are approximately 15-20 shots which were in nearly every version of the trailer. Which is a pretty small number. Which raises a natural question… Why not let people cut their own trailer?

Surprisingly, everyone who could veto the idea hasn’t. So I think we’re going to do it. But that means there’s a lot to figure out, much of which falls well outside my area of expertise. I know this blog has a significant readership beyond aspiring screenwriters, so I’m hoping that editors, web-heads and other folks with useful insight will de-lurk and offer some of their genius”

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