Major Delays For Paramount’s Schedule

With the strike over, many of the studios are re-assessing their film release schedules over the coming days and Paramount was the first to announce their new line-up today with barely a film title left untouched by delays.

Along with the previously mentioned shift of “Star Trek” from Xmas 2008 to May 8th 2009, the studio has also made the following changes:

Ben Stiller comedy “Tropic Thunder” has been pushed back from July 11th 2008 to August 15th 2008.

Renee Zellweger thriller “Case 39” has been pushed back from August 22nd 2008 to April 10th 2009.

Eddie Murphy comedy “Nowhereland” has been pushed back from September 26th 2008 to June 12th 2009.

David Fincher’s Brad Pitt-starrer “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” has been pushed back from November 26th 2008 to December 19th 2008.

Sam Mendes’ “Revolutionary Road” remains on track for a December 19th 2008 release, but Paramount Vantage will take over all distribution meaning it’ll be a limited platform release starting that day.

An untitled Wayans brothers comedy is scheduled for February 6th 2009.

The Martin Scorsese-directed Leonardo DiCaprio starrer “Shutter Island” will now open on October 2nd 2009.