“Major Crimes” Cancellation Wasn’t Planned

Following the news of its cancellation this morning at the end of the upcoming sixth season, “Major Crimes” creator James Duff has spoken about TNT’s announcement.

It turns out this came as a bit of a rude shock to Duff who is in the midst of directing the season (and now series) finale and has taken to Facebook to say this was not a creative decision, but one made by the network higher ups:

“I do want you to know that it was not at all my idea, nor did I want to leave the show. The actors, the writers, the producers and our talented crew would have held on as long as we were relevant.

I am extraordinarily thankful to our viewers, who followed us to four different time slots in the last eighteen months, and who make up a very large part of what we call the community of the show. Without the loyalty of our audience, Major Crimes would have been gone much sooner.

We’ll have a chance to talk about what happened in the near future. Meanwhile, we are determined to give you the best season we can. So sorry I couldn’t stop this moment from happening.”

The decision is a baffling one as the show is both their top-rated series in total viewers by a clear margin, consistently ranks as one of cable’s most-watched drama series, and is often critically considered their best show.

So why cancel it? The most likely reason according to sources is a network regime change with the new executives wanting to take the network in a more heavily serialised storytelling direction. As a result, a formulaic procedural, no matter how polished and well made, doesn’t fit into their “vision”.

The sixth and now final season of “Major Crimes” kicks off at Halloween.