Maguire Up For Another Spider-Man?

Yesterday Sam Raimi expressed a definite interest in the idea of returning for a fourth “Spider-Man”.

Today acclaimed actor JK Simmons, who plays the no-nonsense Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson in the film series, tells IESB that Tobey Maguire was still open to the idea of returning as well last time they talked.

“I spoke to Tobey in, I guess it was February… sort of awards season time and, y’know, he’s certainly amenable to doing some more and hopefully we’ll be able to get everybody back and make another good one.”

The studio has apparently already told Simmons they want him back for a sequel, but he says that if Sam Raimi weren’t involved in some capacity he may not do it – “If he’s involved, hopefully directing or at least as a producer then I’m pretty confident that it would be something that I want to do. Plus they pay money.”