Magnus & Quintessons In “Transformers 5”?

With a “brain’s trust” having been assembled to work on the fifth “Transformers” movie along with assorted spinoffs and potential crossover movies, no-one is quite sure what to expect from the next outing of the mega-earning franchise.

At last report, at least twelve different pitches are in the works based on the franchise though only some of them are expected to get up and going. Akiva Goldsman heads up this cabal which includes the likes of “Daredevil” show runner Steven S. DeKnight, “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman and many others.

With the fifth film in the series the immediate priority though, Christian Today reports that their sources have indicated the new film will continue Optimus Prime’s quest to find The Creators and will introduce the Quintessons – an ancient race bound up with the history of the Transformers and hold answers in regards to the Earth invasion.

Also apparently set to show up is Ultra Magnus, a character who proved to be Optimus Prime’s second-in-command in the cartoon and comics. At last report, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura claimed the new film will stay mostly earth bound and around Mark Wahlberg’s character, though some major scenes will be set in space.

Of the spin-offs, it’s said the all-animated prequel movie about Cybertron, tentatively titled “Transformers One,” is the likeliest to go forward first.