Madeline Stowe Joins Syfy’s “12 Monkeys”

Having starred in the original 1996 Terry Gilliam movie, actress Madeleine Stowe is now set to return for Syfy’s acclaimed TV series take on “12 Monkeys” for its second season says EW.

The “Revenge” star played the role of the levelheaded Dr. Railly in the film, a role now played by Amanda Schull. For the TV series, she’s switching things up – playing a patient in a mental asylum in the late 1950s.

Executive producer Terry Matalas says: “Madeleine has always been really supportive of the show ever since she saw the pilot. We always knew we wanted her to be involved in the show, but if we had the right role and if it was something profound and meaningful to our characters and mythology.”

The actress will appear on screen in the season finale, but her voice will be heard in the season opener over a montage. The new season kicks off April 18th.