Madden Talks “Bodyguard” S2 Possibillity

Madden Talks Bodyguard S2 Possibillity

The BBC and Netflix’s massive hit “Bodyguard” was designed and filmed as a one-off six-episode mini-series. However with both acclaim and popularity, there’s been a major push for more and it seems creator Jed Mercurio has listened.

The series follows British war veteran David Budd (Richard Madden) who is assigned to protect the Home Secretary Julia Monague (Keeley Hawes), someone whose politics he abhors. As David must go up against a well-organized faction looking to target Julia, he also battles his own PTSD and emotional instability at home.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Madden says he’s set to talk with Mercurio soon about doing more:

“I’m having a conversation with [creator Jed Mercurio] in about ten days or something, when I’m back in the country, and we are just going to chat through some ideas.

We never intended to make another one and I don’t know, I’m excited to see what he’s got, especially because David [Budd] had quite a busy couple of months. So what do we do with him next? Because he probably needs a break… but him, on the beach with a pina colada, I don’t think people are going to watch that as much. Less anxiety though, I would like less anxiety.

It’s just thrilling that a little show that didn’t have a huge budget and just had a bunch of actors working really hard, it’s really inspiring that that has done well and not for any kind of glory, we just thought we were making a show we want to.”

“Bodyguard” is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide.