Mad Men Gets Two, Possibly Three More Years

Great news with a touch of sadness today for fans of AMC’s “Mad Men”. The good news is we’ll be getting at least two more seasons of the show, and quite likely a third as well. The bad news? They will be the show’s last.

After drawn out negotiations which threatened to derail numerous times, show creator Matthew Weiner has signed a deal to bring the show back that is said to be worth $30 million over the next three years reports Reuters.

Weiner, AMC and Lionsgate were arguing over three key issues – episode running time, product placement and budget restrictions that could lead to cast cuts. Each of those has been settled.

Previously episodes of the show ran 47 minutes. For new shows, season premieres and finales will remain at that runtime while other eps will be trimmed to 45 minutes. 47-minute versions however will be potentially available on other platforms – namely DVD/Blu-ray and online.

Details of the budget haven’t been specified, but no cast cuts will be required unless Weiner deems it part of his storyline.

The deal ensures a full fifth and sixth season of the show. A seventh hasn’t been explicitly stated, but does seem on the cards. Weiner himself has admitted these will be the last seasons of the show.

With the production delays, it now looks like the fifth season of “Mad Men” will now be targeting a premiere in March next year.