“Mad Max” Future Uncertain Due To Lawsuit

After a revival jolt with the stellar success of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” it looks like the franchise has stalled with The Sydney Morning Herald reporting that a legal dispute threatens its future.

Director George Miller’s production company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMM), has reportedly taken Warner Bros. Pictures to court claiming the studio acted in a ‘high-handed, insulting or reprehensible’ manner.

According to the documents, Kennedy Miller Mitchell claims Warners forbid certain scenes in the script to be shot, including more with Immortan Joe’s Citadel. They apparently forced Miller to shoot an entirely new ending, and forced production to go longer with reshoots that resulted in ‘substantial changes and delays’.

The studio reportedly insisted that there be ten screenings of the film with each resulting in more changes required. Additionally KMM claims that they are contractually owed $7 million for coming in under budget during the production, while Warners claims they actually went over budget.

That dispute ties into those reshoots which cost $31 million and which KMM says were not supposed to be included in the cost of the film as the agreement was drawn up before the film began production. Warners is denying, saying the new scenes and suggested changes came after it was clear that film was going to come in over budget and late. They also say their new ending “was a suggestion, not a mandate”.

Miller has reportedly finished two scripts for potential further “Mad Max” sequels. Those now stand in jeopardy over the legal tussle.