Mackie Suggests Hulk Is In “Civil War”

We know Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/The Hulk character is appearing in both “Thor: Ragnarok” and the “Avengers: Infinity War” saga, but officially the character looks to be sitting out this year’s “Captain America: Civil War” and hasn’t appeared in any promo material so far.

When filming was underway last year though, Ruffalo was spotted visiting the set and there were rumors of an appearance – rumors which still have yet to be confirmed. This week though, during an interview on BBC Radio 1’s Movie’s With Ali Plumb podcast, it seems one of his co-stars may have offered that confirmation. Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon in the film, says:

“Having seen the movie, it’s Marvel’s best movie so far. And I’m being honest – if a Marvel movie sucks, a movie in the Marvel universe, I’ll tell you it sucked. (Captain America:) The Winter Soldier and (the first) Iron Man are probably Marvel’s two best movies, and I feel like (Civil War) beats both of those movies. It’s really, really good. It’s because it’s more of an acting movie than an action movie. I feel like the story is very concise and interesting, and you get to see Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo and everybody just do really, really good ACTING. And then there’s action in it. I think it might be the first superhero movie that might be up for Best Picture.”

So far Mackie or Marvel haven’t added anything further, and are unlikely to at this point as this is neither a full-on confirmation or denial. “Thor: Ragnarok” is said to revolve around Hulk and Thor on a distant planet. How Hulk gets there following his last appearance vanishing with a Quinjet at the end of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is anyone’s guess at this point.

“Captain America: Civil War” is slated to open May 6th.