Machete Gets His Own Movie

Robert Rodriguez confirmed this week at the SXSW festival that he’s planning a solo movie for actor Danny Trejo’s Machete character from the upcoming “Grindhouse”.

“Machete” is the faux trailer that Rodriguez shot for “Grindhouse” and glimpses so far have seen Danny Trejo as the titular hero – an angry man with a large leather trenchcoat filled with assorted knives.

In the process of the trailer we see Machete make out with two playboy bunnies in some idyllic lagoon, and in another he sticks a gattling gun on the front of his motorcycle and starts blasting away.

According to Cinema Blend, Rodrgieuz says the movie will be a direct-to-DVD release and seemed pretty certain it’ll be happening.

The filmmaker also added that he still wants to do “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” sequels, saying that film was originally planned to be the first of a trilogy of movies following Johnny Depp’s blind gunman character.