MacFarlane Won’t Host The Oscars Again

This year’s Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane says he won’t come back for a second turn as MC of the annual film awards.

Asked if he would host again, MacFarlane tweeted: “No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though.”

While pundits argue the merit of MacFarlane’s hosting duties, the ceremony itself proved a winner in the ratings despite the lengthy 3.5 hour runtime.

This year’s Oscars became the most watched entertainment television event in three years with 40.3 million viewers, and the second most-watched Oscars since 2005 among adults 18-49.

That thrashes the 20.6 million viewers who tuned in for the Golden Globes, and the 11.9 million viewers who saw the Grammys.

Helping a lot this year was that the Best Picture nominees were popular. Last year, only one film (“The Help”) out of the nine nominees had crossed the $100 million domestic box-office mark by the time of the ceremony.

This year, six of the nine nominees had surpassed that total while a seventh (“Zero Dark Thirty”) was just behind at $90 million. Several other non-Best Picture nominees were also strong box-office performers.

The other two (“Amour,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild”) were art house titles with limited appeal that both performed comparatively well in limited releases.

Several other non-Best Picture nominees in other key categories were also $100M+ box-office performers (“Skyfall,” “The Avengers,” “Ted,” “The Hobbit,” “Prometheus,” “Snow White & Huntsman”).