Lynn Shelton Adapts Wolff’s “I’m Down”

Lynn Shelton (“Your Sister’s Sister,” “Humpday”) is at work on an adaptation of Mishna Wolff’s acclaimed 2009 Seattle-set memoir “I’m Down”.

The book deals with Wolff’s experience of being white while growing up in a predominantly African-American neighborhood and having a different financial situation and culture than the other white children than the ones at her upper class, private school filled with mostly white kids. She also fights for acceptance in her neighborhood as she is perceived as “too white”.

Wolff has Sundance Labs turn it into a script. Shelton got it a year ago and has been rewriting and rewriting, and they are just about ready to go out to actors. Anne Carey will produce.

Shelton’s immediate next project is “Laggies” which begins shooting in June. She was attached to an adaptation of Joshua Ferris’ “Then We Came To The End,” but that is no longer the case.

Source: The Playlist