Lynda Carter Won’t Cameo In “Wonder Woman”

Before Gal Gadot took on the part, there really only was one other actress truly associated with “Wonder Woman” – the legendary Lynda Carter, the star of the original 1970s TV series based on the DC Comics superhero.

You’d think it would be fairly obvious for the actress to make an appearance in the upcoming Patty Jenkins-directed feature, but sadly Carter tells Variety she had to turn it down due to scheduling:

“I’ve spoken to [director] Patty Jenkins. She talked to me on the phone about the character, and we were trying to see if I could do something with the movie, but it didn’t work out. The timing was off, and I was doing other things and couldn’t get over to where they were shooting.”

That doesn’t rule out an appearance in a sequel. Would she be up for that?

“I might [do it], but at this point in my life, I pretty much do new parts in things. There’s someone else doing the role now, and that’s OK. They should do it. I support Gal wholeheartedly, and I wish her and Patty all the success in the world.”

The character is undergoing a renaissance thanks to three live-action films in the space of two years involving the character, a biopic currently in the works revolving around the comic’s creation, and the character’s prominent place in the “DC: Rebirth” comics line-up.

The “Wonder Woman” film opens in cinemas in June.