Lynda Carter Won’t Be In “Wonder Woman”

The most iconic screen incarnation of “Wonder Woman” so far has to be the 1970s live-action TV series version which turned actress Lynda Carter into a household name.

With the new Patty Jenkins-directed standalone “Wonder Woman” movie currently in production, there was hope that Carter might make an appearance in the upcoming film opposite the DCEU Wonder Woman being played by Gal Gadot. Carter herself previously indicated she was open to the idea so long as it was a role of decent importance as opposed to just a cameo.

Behind-the-scenes it seems a deal couldn’t be worked out as Carter’s publicist has confirmed to The Washington Post that the actress would not be playing any part in the new reboot.

Whether there will be any future involvement for Carter in the “Wonder Woman” franchise has yet to be seen. Carter has expressed enthusiasm for the new incarnation of the role she made famous, and we’ll see if Gadot will fill those big shoes when the film hits on June 23rd 2017.