Lundgren Sought For He-Man Reboot Cameo

Filmmaker Jon M. Chu (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”) says he hopes to land Dolph Lundgren for a cameo in the “Masters of the Universe” reboot to which Chu is attached to direct.

Lundgren played He-Man in the original 1987 live-action film version of the toy line and animated series about the warrior, the last hope for the magical land of Eternia which has been ravaged by the evil Skeletor.

“”I’m working on Masters of the Universe right now, and that’s something that I, also, since I was a kid, have really, really loved. It’s a totally different universe than Joe, but really fun. It has a whole world to play with, and I really love that. I love the idea of a challenge, because, tonally, that one is really tough to do.

I don’t know if Dolph Lundgren is around or what he’s doing but, we’ll see. Yeah, I think that could be some fun if we could find a way. I hope he still has the loin cloth and the long hair and everything.”

Alex Litvak, Michael Finch, and Richard Wenk have worked on the script for the project which is still in development at Sony Pictures.

Source: Getty Images Entertainment