Luke Skywalker’s Accessorising Explained

The recent trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” gave us only a brief glimpse of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) who was mostly standing in shadow in a cave on the planet of Ahch-To.

Today, Making Star Wars has posted a new report which claims that the beloved character will be seen wearing a unique necklace in the film – one that contains something that Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) may desperately want.

The site says the necklace is reportedly the shape of a “wooden dog whistle,” when seen from a distance. At the end of it is a red crystal, which is believed to be part of the Kyber crystal from Darth Vader’s lightsaber. Ren may be seeking this lost artifact:

“If Luke Skywalker has the last Darth Vader Kyber crystal, someone like Kylo Ren would really want it. I don’t know why Luke Skywalker doesn’t just destroy it. But he would clearly see that someone as into symbolism as Kylo Ren would be even more of a monster if he possessed it. If it is a story element, will Kylo get it back and stabilize his saber with the power source of his Grandfather’s lightsaber? It doesn’t sound like Kylo is getting it without getting better of Luke Skywalker first though.”

A previous report claimed that Kylo Ren will look more like Darth Vader in this sequel, with a cape said to resemble his grandfather’s. The film is currently in post-production ahead of its release in cinemas in December.