Luke Evans Talks “Crow” Reboot & “Dracula”

Out doing promotion for “Fast and Furious 6” in London, actor Luke Evans spoke about two upcoming projects he was recently cast in.

The first is “The Crow” reboot which it was revealed he would star in over the weekend. F. Javier Gutierrez helms the project which is scheduled to shoot early next year. Evans says:

“[The Crow] was a very poignant film from my childhood, which I remember vividly. The soundtrack, also. It was such a solid performance that Brandon Lee gave. It was a very tragic end for somebody that probably would have had a very promising career.

I’m Eric Draven. I’m the same character. Obviously, he’s been refreshed and brought up to date. We’re reimagining it to a certain extent, but the story and the plot is mostly the same.”

Evans is about to head to New Zealand for five-and-a-half weeks of addition production on the third “The Hobbit” feature. After that, he heads to Belfast for “Dracula”:

“[Don’t think] of the Dracula that Bram Stoker created. The Dracula that I’m going to be portraying is the origin of Dracula. It’s about the man that became Dracula. Don’t be too quick to think he’s a bad guy. I’m just going to say that.”

Source: Coming Soon