Luke Evans Isn’t Afraid Of “Crow” Curse

Twenty years before Paul Walker, another young star’s life was snuffed out far too early, dying mid-way through a major film’s production due to a tragic accident – Brandon Lee.

Lee of course was filming Alex Proyas’ 1994 feature “The Crow,” based on the cult comic book from a few years earlier. Pre-production is now underway on the reboot with Welsh actor Luke Evans (“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” “Fast and Furious 6”) playing the title role.

Asked by The Metro if he thought the new production was cursed, Evans says he doesn’t believe in such things:

“I’m not one of those superstitious people. It is incredibly sad that Brandon died making the movie. He was a very talented actor. It is a very beautiful story, The Crow. It is a very tragic story with huge emotional themes. We plan to tell the story differently and with a lot of integrity to the original comic book.”

No other cast members are attached to star in the F. Javier Gutierrez-directed project at this point, though “The Walking Dead” scene stealer Norman Reedus is said to be a favorite. Shooting is slated to begin early next year.