“Luke Cage” To Paint A Very Real Harlem

A month or so out from its premiere, “Marvel’s Luke Cage” producer Jeph Loeb has spoken about the upcoming show’s relevance and grounded tone that puts the superstrong man with the bulletproof skin in something closer to our reality than most other Marvel productions.

Speaking with CBR a few weeks ago in an interview that has just been released, Loeb says when making the series they tried to keep it set both in current times and its specific area of New York because you can’t really do Cage any other way:

“There are some obvious differences in the sense that we’re talking about really the first African-American superhero that comes from the street and lives in that world. When we started there, we said, ‘What is that physically going to look like?’ We really looked hard into the practicality of shooting up in Harlem… places like the Apollo, places that are so rich in terms of culture, in terms of the ethnic quality, what [showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker] and I always refer to as the musicality of that area, is what set the tone.

You can’t set out to do ‘Luke Cage’ and not deal with the reality of what’s going on in this country, and what’s going on in general. It’s not what the show’s about, but if we can get our message out, which is, ‘This is all one planet, and we’re going to have figure it out’ – you just can’t put up walls and try to figure it out that way. On ‘Jessica Jones,’ you were seeing Luke through Jessica’s POV… Now you’re going to get to see him with his friends, with his worlds, with what’s going on. Detective Misty Knight is in that show, and Simone Missick is just killing it.”

Mike Colter plays the hero, Mahershala Ali is the villain Cottonmouth and Alfre Woodard also has a key role in the first season of “Luke Cage” which hits the streaming giant on September 30th.