“Luke Cage” Ratings Beat “Daredevil”

Though Netflix refuses to reveal ratings figures, various data gathering firms have been able to come up with some rough measuring statistics that work fairly well in terms of determining what’s been a hit or not (though Netflix disputes this).

One such company is Symphony Advanced Media who reported today “Marvel’s Luke Cage” has been the comic book company’s biggest streaming hit this year, outperforming the second season of “Daredevil”.

Symphony estimates that in the 32 days following the release of the series, 6.34% of video viewers aged 18-49 were watching “Luke Cage” in an average minute. In comparison, “Daredevil” Season 2 was pulling in a 5.94% audience by the same metric.

“Luke Cage” reportedly beat out Netflix’s “Making A Murderer” and “Stranger Things” in its first week, but the drop-off was quicker so that by the 32 day mark the other two shows got 9.1% and 9.8% scores respectively.

The next Marvel show to stream on Netflix is “Iron Fist” which premieres March 17th.

Source: Observer