Luhrmann’s “Great Gatsby” Put On Hold?

Baz Luhrmann certainly takes his time between films, so his sudden rush to make an adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” so soon after 2008’s “Australia”, was a surprise. Now though the old indecisive Baz is beginning to show signs of returning as he says things on the film are still up in the air for now.

“I’m not doing ‘Gatsby’ right now… .Because despite what might be out there, I have made no comment about anything. So until I say it, it’s not said, you know” he said in an interview with Vulture.

Reports hit the Australian press last month that Luhrmann would shoot the film in Sydney in August which would pump $120 million in investment income to the state of New South Wales. State premier Kristina Keneally even put out a statement commending the news.

Asked directly about that report, claims of it shooting in 3D and the previously linked cast members, Luhrmann essentially said none of it is now set as he and his production team are still very much in development phase in an effort to get the film right. Or, to put it in a rambling and evasive answer that would make any PR maven proud, here’s his response:

“What it means is, much like what goes on in any event, when you’re in the middle of the work, there’s all sorts of things you’re doing, and, you know, when I’m really clear – I, right now, my only focus is absorbing – I’ve been studying Fitzgerald now for three years, and my only act now is to absorb the DNA of his world, his life, the world of the novel. That’s why I have published on our website all the books we’re reading. And I think before we all engage anyone, the first thing to do is to do your homework, read the books, and then let’s talk…I’m in the middle of my own foolish-to-be-talking-about-anything-in-any-regard stage, before you truly have something to express. I’m in the middle of my own moment and my team’s, and I’m just building culture. Building creative culture.”