Lucky Luciano Biopic Planned

Lucky Luciano, the real-life Sicilian immigrant who rose to power in the Mafia in the U.S. in the 1920s and successfully modernized it, is getting a biopic reports The Los Angeles Times.

Studios have struggled for decades to secure the rights to the mobster’s life story but failed because Luciano’s family was reluctant to bring his crime-filled saga to the screen.

Luciano ordered gangland killings, consolidated warring crime factions and began laundering profits from narcotics and prostitution through lawful businesses. Even the White House deferred to Luciano during World War II, imploring him to marshal the Mafia to help the Allies crush the enemy — a covert intervention that earned him a presidential pardon.

Now, “Hoffa” producer Joseph Isgro seems to have landed them and is developing the feature. Isgro has approached a specific A-list actor to play the lead role and is wooing several actors from “The Sopranos” to join the cast.

Hit music producer Scott Storch is set to score the soundtrack, several writers and directors have already been approached, and talks are underway with New Line Cinema to distribute.